CardValet is a card management and fraud mitigation tool that enables cardholders to control when, where and how their debit and credit cards are used. CardValet’s functionality is free and can be found in your Envision Bank Mobile Banking app. In order to use this app, your phone must be using iOS version 8.0 or later for Apple devices or Android version 4.0 and up.

Getting started with CardValet

When you’ve logged into your Envision Bank mobile banking app, you can access CardValet from the More menu or by selecting the Manage My Cards option on the account screen.

Block or report a lost or stolen card

Access CardValet from the More menu or via the Manage My Cards option on the account screen. To temporarily block all point-of-sale and ATM transactions, tap on the Block Card switch. When the card is blocked, only pending and existing recurring transactions will be approved. Tap on Report Lost or Stolen Cards for assistance from a representative.

Setting card limits

With the Cards Menu, select “Set Card Limits.” If a limit is already set, it will display here. Otherwise, you can click to set your limit.

Transaction amount limit

After reaching Card Limits screen, you can select Transaction Amount Limit. Toggle “on” to edit the transaction amount limit.

Location limit

After reaching the Card Limits screen, you can select Location Limit to control where a card is used by either choosing to block international transactions or specifying a location radius where transactions are allowed. Location limits apply only to in-store transactions. E-commerce transactions will not be declined even when a location limit is activated. To set a radius location limit, simply enter an address and choose the radius size around the address. In-store transactions attempted outside the set radius will decline. Location limits can be disabled or changed at any time.

Merchant limit

After reaching the Card Limits screen, you can select Merchant Limit. Toggle “On” to edit the merchant limit. You can choose to allow certain cards to be used only for specific types of merchants. For example, a card could be designated for use only at gas stations – and all other merchant types could be blocked for that specific card. These limits apply to online ecommerce transactions as well as in-store transactions.

Customer service

We pride ourselves on our dedicated team of professionals who provide outstanding service and financial guidance. Reach us by live chat, phone, email, or in person at any of our convenient locations.