Reuven Zaslavski

Branch Manager, Residential Lending

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Free Total Home Cost Analysis
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Total home cost analysis

Understanding your financial future using a Total Cost Analysis is simple.


I have been a Mortgage/Banking professional since 1993. I have experience with a wide range of mortgage products and knowledge of guidelines which allows me to be your personal mortgage consultant for life. Whether you are purchasing a new home, refinancing your current mortgage, purchasing an investment/rental property or helping your child with their first home purchase, I have the resources and products to help you achieve those goals. I can even help you find the right construction mortgage to build your dream house.

We offer customers a fast pre-qualification and I can analyze your ability to obtain affordable mortgage financing for purchasing an owner-occupied or investment property. We offer competitive rates and offer a variety of loans, such as conventional loans, FHA, MASS Housing, construction loans, and more!

I am fluent in Russian and Hebrew, live in Newton with my family and provide outstanding service in all of Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut and Florida.