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I’m a licensed residential mortgage loan originator and currently I work from the Cobb Corner office of Envision Bank in Stoughton, Massachusetts. My banking career has spanned over 35 years, the majority of that in residential real estate financing. Having been in the field so long – I’ve seen it all. When I first started, rates were in the mid-teens!

Here at Envision Bank, we offer many of the same products as our competitors, but what sets us apart is the service we provide to our customers. From the initial interview through the closing of the mortgage, from the first time home buyer to the seasoned real estate investor – each customer deserves the utmost in attention and service. It is this service that makes us a leader in the communities we serve. It is my pleasure to assist you – and I’m always available to answer your questions or for your referrals.


"We have refinanced with Peter and his team in the past and have been impressed with the service we have received: professional, courteous, and convenient. We trust Peter and his willingness to accommodate our schedules are some of the reasons we keep going back."

- Laurie & Dwayne C

"Karen and I had been working on refinancing options for over 18 months when we finally ran across Envision Bank and Peter Pederzani. Our challenge seemed unique, but we soon learned, was somewhat typical due to market conditions effecting home values. We had purchased our home at the height of the market and were now experiencing difficulty getting the property to appraise at the 80% loan to value target required for lenders to consider our application. We aggressively leveraged our network resulting in introductions to “experts” in the field, relatives of friends, an existing close friend (VP at a bank) and even an old Fraternity Brother of mine working as a mortgage broker out of Cohasset. Bottom line, all of these folks seemed to focus on identifying obstacles and stopped short of asking questions, working through details and providing legitimate options. Peter immediately took an optimistic approach to our situation claiming that he would do whatever was required to get the job done! We can’t say enough about Peter’s commitment and support of us. He left nothing to chance and communicated daily to ensure our project stayed on course. I have had the opportunity to work with many executives and professionals in my career and can say with authority that Peter possesses a great combination of professionalism, personality and knowledge that certainly generated confidence and loyalty in us. Both Karen and I agree that we will transfer our business to Envision Bank and refer everyone we know to Peter and your organization. Thank you again!!! "

- Ed & Karen R

"​​It is rare in today's world where someone really WOWs you and it is so noticeable that you tell everyone about the experience. By way of background, my two sons are trying to purchase my parents' home from me and my brother. They have been looking around for rates and my suggestion was, as first time buyers, with no clue as to what they are doing, that they focus on smaller banks such as Envision Bank as it would have a more personal touch. What transpired after that far exceeded my expectations. Last Saturday morning, we decided to go into a branch in Randolph to explore the possibility of them getting a mortgage. When we arrived we were greeted by Jacqueline Kyller who as very engaging and so very responsive. When we explained that we were looking for a mortgage, she said Peter Pederzani would be the person we needed to speak with. . She tried calling him but no answer. She gave us his card and said she would be emailing him and we should expect to hear from him within a few hours. Honestly, being a Saturday we really did not expect a call till Monday. We no sooner left the branch when Peter called, literally within ten minutes. I explained the situation, he answered all our questions, and said to file an application online. Before the weekend was over there were several back and forth e-mails regarding information he needed. He then set up an appointment at 7:00 p.m. to come to our house. Talk about going above and beyond. I have not seen service like this in over 20 years. I just don't know what to say or how to thank him for the OUTSTANDING customer service. We are quick to complain when things go wrong but rarely take the time to acknowledge when things go right or when someone goes above and beyond to help. I wanted you to know that I/we were very impressed with Peter and the staff at the branch. Walking into the branch, I felt as if we had stepped back in time when the customer mattered, as did the community. I want to congratulate the leadership team of the Bank for instilling and living those values. I have been praising Peter and the bank to everyone I know. It is instances like these that truly renew my faith in people. Thank you for taking the time to read my note and for bringing human back to banking. "

- Maria M.

"I want to personally thank Peter Pederzani for all of his help in the process of obtaining the Home Equity Line of Credit for my mother’s home. I truly appreciate his kindness and compassion throughout the process. He made a very emotional and difficult time for my family much easier. I feel that my father would have been quite happy with the way his wife and family were treated by Peter and Envision Bank as well as Todd Gornstein. I have honored my father’s wish to take care of my mother and I want Peter to know that he had a great deal to do with it. Walking us through the process, hand-holding when we needed it and his honesty and sincerity are what sealed the deal. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. May you and your loved ones enjoy a Blessed Holiday Season! Be sure to check in and you are welcome at our home anytime."

- Donna O.

"Peter Pederzani was recommended to me by a friend. My friend had an amazing experience with Peter and so did I. Peter always went above and beyond to keep me informed, in the loop and calm. He was very creative and worked really hard to put my deal together. He was always available via phone or email which was so impressive to me. I will definitely work with Peter again! I also worked with Tiffany Guyett and she was great as well!"

- Lisa W.