Paul DeSousa

Loan Officer

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Free Total Home Cost Analysis
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Total home cost analysis

Understanding your financial future using a Total Cost Analysis is simple.


I have been a mortgage professional since 2003, with experience in all aspects of the mortgage industry. My knowledge and understanding of the many mortgage products allow for a smooth transaction whether you are purchasing a new home or refinancing your current home. As a former underwriter, I am able to diagnose and determine the best program suitable for your needs. I believe my ability to communicate and understand each individual allows me to set forth high customer service standards.

I grew up in Rhode Island, and currently resides in Southeastern Massachusetts. I am an Alum of John Brown University in Siloam Springs, Arkansas.

“I believe in fast and prompt service on all pre-qualifications, and I can always be reached 7 days a week. Your transaction is my most important loan.”

You can contact me via email, phone, or just stop in to our Westport office.


"Thank you, Paul. Jason was very satisfied with all of your help and patience along the way! As you know, customer service is key! Great job! "

- Meegan M., Realtor®, Jack Conway & Co.

"The process went as well as I could have hoped. I had a sense when we first talked that we’d communicate well – and for me, that’s 90% of the battle, especially when the subject is something I’m not well versed in, and have a strong need to understand so I can make my decisions confidently. Anyway, I cross paths with lots of people who don’t have patience – they just want to DO and you to TRUST and that’s hard. I’m a do’er too, and I’m the only one really, in this whole thing who has to live with the consequences. The seller is done, good decision or bad. The bank is done – good loan or not, if you don’t like it, you can sell it and get out. Lawyer is done, he walks away. Agents are first ones done. But the buyer lives with the outcome. All I kept thinking as closing progressed was “no problem, I’m confident, Paul and I have been through it.” THAT was MY goal in choosing a Financial advisor / mortgage broker. Someone who would field my issues/questions to my satisfaction, not his/hers, so when I got to the table there would be no more thinking. Well Done, Paul. You have made a happy customer – and you are guaranteed that I will recommend First Eastern and yourself particularly for the foreseeable future. My thanks to you for your help, and the congratulations!"

- Jason C.

"​​Paul, Thank you for your thoughtful and kind support with us through our buying process. You relieved a lot of stress from us and allowed us to be excited rather than worried. We are so grateful! Thank you!"

- Casey Jo & Thomas